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Rosh Hashana 5775-The coronationPlay
Yom Kippur 5775 - How Hashem relates to the Jewish PeoplePlay
Ellul 5779-Is Teshuvah a MitzvahPlay
Is Teshuva a Mitzvah?Play
Yamim NoraimPlay
The Challenge of ElulPlay
Yamim Noraim Play
Parshat Hashavuah as it Relates to the Yamim Noraim, part 2Play
LeDavid 5773Play
Shabat Shuva Drasha, Parshat Noach 5767Play
LeDavid Hashem Ori (24-9-03) Play
Haftorah 2nd Day of Rosh HashanaPlay
Past, Present and Future–Its Impact on Teshuva (Meshech Chochma), 5771Play
Parshat Nitzavim Vayelech 5774 -Rosh Hashana Yom KippurPlay
Yom Kippur 5778 – Jonah’s Struggle with GodPlay
Shabat Shuva 5764Play
Teshuva, Tefila and Torah Play
A Time To Be Silent And A Time To Speak Up, Shabbat ShuvahPlay
The Rosh Hashana Torah Reading: Akeidat Yitzchak Play
A Time to be Silent, Shabat Shuva, 5766Play
Is Teshuva A Mitzvah?"Play
Rosh Hashana-The Coronation of Hashem - Tehilim 47Play
Yom Kippur 5774Play
Yossef and His Brothers 3–The Final Reconciliation (Teshuva 5774)Play